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Louisiana Gift Baskets

Send a pinch of Creole and a dash of spice!

Louisiana Cajun Kitchen Gift Baskets offers you the opportunity to send a tasty bit of Southern Cuisine to friends, family and business associates anywhere in the U.S.!


Elegantly wrapped with a flair of Mardi Gras, our baskets are overflowing with products from renowned brands like Zatarain’s, Tony Chachere’s, and the Cafe’ DuMonde. Cajun keepsakes such as Tobasco gumbo bowls, aprons and pot holders are tucked away in our Cajun Kitchen Baskets.

How We Got Started

After working alongside my husband in business for many years, I began to consider some of the ventures I had always wanted to explore. Realizing that non-stop shopping would eventually become quite expensive and you can only plant so many flowers, I pondered a new direction. I was quite certain that sitting at a computer or answering phones did not hold my interest.


In January of 2002, a group of our friends came to Louisiana for a visit. With our famous Southern Hospitality in mind, I decided to create gift baskets for our guests. My desire was to fill them with traditional Louisiana gifts and culinary elements, and to decorate them with the flair of Mardi Gras.


Delighted with their gifts, they encouraged me to go into business to produce and sell the baskets. I have to admit that when I was putting the baskets together, I found myself enjoying the activity thoroughly.


I began to research establishing Louisiana Cajun Kitchen Gift Baskets. After countless hours of reading books, talking to other people in the field and watching videos, I took the plunge – and here I am today, in business for myself!


Send a pinch of Creole and a dash of spice!



There’s a taste of Louisiana in every basket!